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Zhejiang Zhoushan LNG terminal and fueling station project

The designed LNG turnover for the first phase is 3 million tons a year with total designed turnover is 10 million tons a year.

It may realize whole process operations like LNG receiving, storage, gasification, ship loading, and truck loading.

Three docks for simultaneous unloading, loading, and roll on-roll off shipment.

Integrated cold energy utilization including power generation, ice-making and air conditioning.

Main vaporizer and sea water circulating pump are all China equipment to increase domestic equipment ratio. 

Xindi independently accomplished the whole process of engineering design, procurement, construction, commissioning, and start-up. Targeted as an international LNG fueling base for vessels, it will meet the demand for clean energy in Zhoushan Islands in future sustainable development, and also provide natural gas reserve for Zhejiang Province. It will become one of the largest receiving terminals in China with the most complete functions.

Zhejiang Zhoushan LNG terminal and fueling station project

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