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LNG Receiving Terminal

Normal-temperature-compressor-based BOG recovery technology

The normal-temperature-compressor-based BOG recovery technology is a LNG receiving terminal technology without gasification output function, which has LNG receiving, storage, LNG/CNG outbound delivery and BOG recovery functions.

Technical features and major technical performance:
1) The normal-temperature-compressor-based BOG recovery technology can recover all the BOG gas. The key equipment are made domestically, which reduces 63% of the investment in the recovery system, and shortens the procurement period of 7 months.

2) The low temperature BOG heat exchange technology can realize highly-efficient heat exchange with low pressure loss;The residual heat utilization ratio of entire plant is 70%, which greatly reduces the operating cost.

3) The work-condition-adapted variable load regulating technology enables the compressor to meet the load requirements under multiple work conditions and operate flexibly.

4) This technology has won the authorization of 2 patents, it has reached the leading domestic level and won the Second Prize of Industrialization Achievements Award issued by the Group.

At present, the technology has bee applied in PetroChina Shennan LNG depot project in Hainan province. The major technological achievement is being used in the LNG receiving project in Huludao.

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