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Natural Gas Purification

To prevent freeze up during the NG liquefaction section due to excessive impurity content, Xindi has developed the purification technology that is applicable to the dehydration, gas sweetening and heavy ends removal for pipeline gas, synthetic natural gas, coalbed methane, etc.

Xindi has multiple purification technologies, including MDEA gas sweetening, three-tower isobaric dehydration, three-tower variable pressure dehydration, combined-bed heavy hydrocarbon removal and low temperature washing heavy hydrocarbon removal, which are mature and reliable. The purification technologies can be combined depending on the gas quality, it is high accurate, high efficiency and low cost, and avoids effectively the freeze up and reduces the operating risks.

The technology has been successfully applied in the COG to LNG or natural gas liquefication plant projects in Changsha, Jincheng, Hegang, Xuecheng, etc.

a.Natural gas sweetening technology
MDEA gas sweetening technology: it is suitable to remove acid gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in the mixture of natural gas, shift gas, refinery gas, city gas, coke oven gas, etc. this process adds the activating agent developed by Xindi into the MDEA, which has dual nature of physical and chemical absorption for carbon dioxide, it has high purification, large absorption ratio, desorption & regeneration at normal pressure and low energy consumption. With the unique formula of MDEA absorbing agent, the filling height can be lowered about 30% compared with similar unit. The independently-developed defoamer (the concentration of defoamer less than one in 10,000) can effectively solve the foaming problem caused by amine solution, and the enitre unit can also be skid-mounted as per the client’s request.

b.Natural gas dehydration technology
Xindi has glycol absorption dehydration technology, absorption dehydration technology and low temperature dehydration technology, which can be optimized for design based on the oil & gas field development scheme, oil & gas gathering and transportation process, and the pressure, composition, dehydration degree of the natural gas, etc. 

c.Natural gas heavy hydrocarbon removal technology
Regarding heavy hydrocarbon removal, Xindi has the technologies such as LSP, GSP, DHX,etc., which guarantees the maximal benefits for customers. It can also use various heavy hydrocarbon removal processes such as low temperature separation, absorption, and washing process to meet the requirements of natural gas liquefaction as per client’s demand.

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