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New energy engineering technology co., LTD procurement bidding management approach

1 the general

1.1 purpose

To regulate the company supplies and equipment procurement bidding management, ensure the quality of the bidding and construction period, protecting the lawful rights and interests of the parties, the enterprise and bidding activity reasonable control of project cost, improve the efficiency of decision making, these procedures are formulated.

1.2 the applicable scope

These procedures shall apply to the new earth new energy engineering co., LTD., materials, equipment procurement bidding.

2 the organization and responsibilities

2.1 procurement bidding management committee.

2.1.1 procurement bidding management committee position:

The company procurement bidding management decision-making body

2.1.2 procurement bidding management committee responsibilities:

(1) responsible for the company's procurement bidding work of review and approval:

(2) is responsible for the supplier of access, exit, the examination and approval;

(3) is responsible for the supplier approval range;

(4) is responsible for the procurement bidding, bidding scheme and other related documents for approval;

(5) is responsible for the procurement team composition and the evaluating method of examination and approval;

(6) is responsible for purchasing the bidding unit for examination and approval;

(7) is responsible for the procurement bidding expert to formulate and management.

2.2 the tender team

The composition of 2.2.1 tendering team:

According to the business unit of material requirements planning, procurement bidding management committee designated person, a group of temporary.

2.2.2 tendering team responsibilities

(1) is responsible for writing the tender application, bidding project, bidding documents and organize the bid evaluation team first trial, after the qualified report to procurement bidding management committee for examination and approval.

(2) is responsible for issued by the bidding documents.

(3) is responsible for the organization of the bidding work.

(4) to formulate the bidding result table and report to procurement bidding management committee for approval.

(5) is responsible for issued the letter of acceptance.

(6) responsible for negotiating the contract and the bid unit main clause and sign the purchase contract.

2.3 the evaluation team

2.3.1: composition of the evaluation team

Randomly selected from the judges expert database technology of the judges and the judges and a group of temporary business.

2.3.2 bid evaluation team responsibilities

(1) is responsible for bidding application, bidding scheme, the bidding documents for first trial.

(2) responsible for technical and business logo when opening bids evaluation work.

3 the bidding scope

3.1 all company at five hundred thousand yuan (including) above of total amount of materials must be a public bidding equipment procurement, except in the case in article 3.2.

3.2 the following items can not tender:

3.2.1 amount to 500000 yuan (not including) the following materials and equipment in the company qualified supplier name list, selecting suppliers for comparison, the procurement center general manager for approval after the supplier; Execute procurement center procurement management process.

3.2.2 annual contracts have been concluded through the annual procurement bidding and the same kind of material purchasing, and a corresponding detail of supplementary purchase price, total amount of more than 500000 and not for bidding.

3.2.3 import equipment and materials, in the annual number of procurement < 5 times, and has signed a long-term partnership, the company procurement bidding management committee for examination and approval, can not to purchase the tender;

3.2.4 government project, the company procurement bidding management committee for examination and approval, can not tender;

3.2.5 total amount of 500000 yuan (including) above, because of special reasons such as technology, confidential cannot tender, subject to the company's procurement bidding management committee approval to adopt other forms such as bid procurement.

3.2.6 total amount of 500000 yuan (including) above, the same type and in a short period of time the price changes smaller supplies, the company procurement bidding management committee approval to adopt other forms such as bid procurement.

4.principles of bidding

4.1 invite bidding principle: all company procurement bidding material adopts the invitational tender method (except the government regulation must take public bidding way).

4.2 comprehensive bidding principle: all conform to the conditions of the tender procurement tender method are used to determine supplier;

4.3 the whole bidding principles: projects in parts shall be prohibited or pieces, dodge tender;

4.4 qualification examination principle: all tenderers must pass qualification pre-examination, meet the requirements of the project tendering units can take part in project bidding;

4.5 principle of open, fair, open, fair bidding process, all departments should actively cooperate with, strengthen communication and cooperation, information sharing, stop the "black case work;

4.6 confidentiality: completes the whole bidding process confidential work, ensure that the bidding work of justice and effect.

5.bidding process

5.1 the preparation of tender documents

5.1.1 tender document drafted by the tendering team organization, after examined by the evaluation group, to the company procurement bidding management committee for examination and approval after the formation of procurement bidding documents.

5.1.2 the tender documents in any restrict or exclude any intended bidder with unreasonable requirements.

5.1.3 raw materials or major components of a project subject to tender requirements:

Should not be specified in the technical requirements for a particular brand of raw materials, main components, avoid monopoly.

5.2 the tendering units selection

5.2.1 the tendering units can be qualified suppliers by the company and the industry's leading suppliers of (ever seen quality problems and after-sales unit cannot be listed as the tendering units), by the tendering team tendering units related information collection, information, information database is established.

5.2.2 prequalification

Tendering team organization assessment team preparing his tender prequalification documents, after procurement bidding management committee for examination and approval of the preparation of the tender documents; The main content of pre-trial and standards are as follows:

(1) a certificate of the legal representative or the power of attorney (must have a legal representative signature), and stamped with enterprise stamp; Industrial and commercial business license, legal person code certificate, tax registration certificate, business qualification certificate must be in the period of validity and after a year of careful;

(2) the test report must be effective industry authorities to provide;

(3) the registered capital, the level of product quality, production and testing ability, management level, financial position and past performance must meet the requirements of project bidding;

(4) only accept factories or of equipment, materials for the national general agent to participate in the bid;

(5) does not accept any individuals or enterprises affiliated others involved in the bidding;

(6) for tax evasion, cut corners, shoddy, and malicious fraud and other bad record units shall not participate in the tender;

(7) in the bidding process in the past such as collusion, the winning regret about bad record unit shall not participate in the tender;

(8) with the company's cooperation unit, if there is a serious quality accident, acceptance is unqualified, delayed delivery for a long time, and poor after-sales service unit shall not participate in bidding of bad record;

5.2.3 requires pre-qualification of qualifications must be fair and justice, and may not apply discrimination treatment to any tenderer.

5.2.4 tendering units of inspection:

For prequalification qualified tendering units, by the tendering team organization evaluation team, procurement tender and bidding management committee members to be elected.

5.2.5 in addition to the company procurement bidding management committee agreed to can from outside of the unit, all involved in the bidding units shall be scrutinised, inspection qualified rear can participate in the bid; If cannot be examined first due to special circumstances, the company procurement bidding management committee may agree to bid, first bid if possible, then focuses on.

5.3 bids

5.3.1 the prequalification and inspection by the tendering units, the company procurement bidding management committee for examination and approval, after issuing the tender bidding group;

5.3.2 tender and answering questions

(1) the bid opening shall be held before bidding DaYiHui; Such as fewer problems, also can be in the form of letters to answer, answer the letter sent to all bidders at the same time.

(2) to answer questions from the tendering units and personnel reply should make notes;

(3) minutes answering questions to answer or letter should be sent to all tenderers, and as a part of the tender documents.

5.4 back to the standard, the bid opening

5.4.1 back to standard

Tendering units after receiving the tender documents, according to the bidding documents within the stipulated time reply willing to bid, and make the tender.

5.4.2 the bid opening

(1) the bid opening by the tendering team organization, relevant personnel to participate in the bid evaluation team, procurement bidding management committee.

(2) the bid opening should be collective, opened at the scene. Tendering team to keep a record of the bid opening process, and the bid opening results ready to fill in the bidding results confirm table, personnel's signature to attend the bid opening, filed for the record.

(3) when opening bids, the bidding documents of the suspects, the tender team shall request the tenderer for clarification on the assembly, and the efficiency of the legally issued on the date of bid opening paper clarify letter.

(4) for bargaining, should be completed by the business of the judges in the bidding assessment opinions, bidding group procurement bidding management committee decision after negotiation.

5.5 the bid evaluation

5.5.1 approach

When preparing the bidding documents, shall prepare bid evaluation method and grading method at the same time; The evaluation score method has two kinds: comprehensive evaluation method and minimum price evaluation method.

(1) comprehensive score method, the bid documents of the business standard, technical standard, economic standard grade separately according to the evaluation standard, according to the project characteristics and high and low technical content will be the weight of each part of the set different, finally calculated composite scores.

(2) the lowest price evaluation method refers to the technical standard audit by the premise of total quotation min. Eventually the winning bidder.

5.5.2 bid evaluation

(1) before the bid evaluation, bid assessment team members should be carefully read the tender documents, bid evaluation method, investigation and assessment, grasp the key points of the project subject to tender bidding, objective and fair manner.

(2) the same tender or there is evidence that for collusion or tender awarded with mark for scrap.

(3) bid for the sentence to scrap the material fraud.

(4) all found to have solid evidence, and confirmed by the assessment team;

(5) the evaluation team members to cope with their ratings signature confirmation, if there is any unqualified units must give a reason;

5.5.3 the evaluation process, the bid assessment team members have some doubts about the bid documents, can organize the bidding unit meeting proceedings, also may be required to bid clarification in writing.

5.5.4 end of bid evaluation, bid assessment group business standard and technical standard assessment to fill in the bidding assessment, and to the tendering team summary.

5.6 calibration

5.6.1 company procurement bidding management committee according to the evaluation team summary of tender assessment and decision table of the bidding results confirm and determine the bid winner of examination and approval. By the tendering team to suppliers to send the letter of acceptance and the letter of acceptance ".

5.6.2 after determine the bid winner, if for some reason failed to sign a contract with the winning unit, can, in turn, are available from the candidate winning unit.

5.6.3 after winning the bid contract refer to the new earth new energy engineering co., LTD contract management regulations.

6.for the audit

6.1 violation of regulation on the risk management committee accepts the bidding company and the complaint investigation.

6.2 the risk management committee is responsible for the company bidding management work for supervisory audit project, implementation process, the bidding results.

6.3 the risk management committee to spot check irregularly on bidding projects.

6.4 company any units and staff discovered violations in bidding management work, should immediately report the risk management committee, audit by the risk management committee, issue the audit results.

7.rewards and punishments

7.1 in the bidding work reward outstanding and remarkable achievements of the following persons:

7.1.1 found in the bidding process, and timely solve the problems and make the enterprise from large economic loss or bring huge economic benefits for the enterprise;

7.1.2 to report and expose violations.

7.2 for the malpractice of the individual or entity in the tender process, will depend on the circumstances, to give those responsible informed criticism, warning, demerit, demotion, or removed, remove labor contract sanction. Violation of laws and regulations, filed a lawsuit in accordance with the law.


8.1 procurement center is responsible for the interpretation and revision of these procedures.

8.2 this way since August 21, 2014, on a trial basis, trial period is 6 months. Six months if no revision, then transferred to implement.

8.3 the main process related systems

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