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Natural Gas Utilization Design

a.Large-diameter-pipeline-storage & peak-shaving-based urban natural gas utilization technology
This technology creatively applies large diameter and high pressure gas pipeline technology to solve the urban gas storage & peak shaving issue, It has reached the leading level in China.

Technical features and major technical performance:

1) The first largest diameter gas storage & peak shaving pipeline in China –diameter D1219.

2) Multiple gas source supply, distributing looped pipeline network storage technology.

3) Multiple technical measures to solve complex terrain along with the pipeline route.

4) The design pressure is 6.3MPa and the length of gas storage & peak shaving pipeline and looped gas distribution pipeline is 82 km.The gas storage and peak shaving capacity is up to 700,000 Nm3/d.

This technology has been successfully applied in the natural gas utilization project in Luoyang City, which is the first project in China that applies large diameter pipeline in the field of urban natural gas storage & peak shaving,meanwhile, it meets the functional requirements for large city gas storage & peak shaving.

b.Natural gas liquefaction plant gas storage & peak shaving technology
This technology uses the gas consumption volume differential between winter and Summer, based on the natural gas liquefaction technology, combining with LNG storage & regasification station and gate station technology, to solve urban gas storage & peak shaving issue.

Technical features and major technical performance:

1)A multi-functional emergency peak shaving station integrating with city gas gate station, liquefaction, storage, regasification and loading/ unloading.

2)Mixed Refrigeration technology and independently-developed liquefaction process, which is advanced and energy-saving.

3)LNG regasification adopts independently-developed energy-saving type technology and equipment, which saves energy and reduces consumption.

Storage tank volume is 20,000m3, regasification capacity is 100,000Nm3/h, liquefaction capacity is 200,000Nm3/d.

The technology has been successfully applied in the storage and distribution station of Changsha natural gas utilization project, which effectively guarantees 8~15 days of emergency reserve for Changsha City. The project has gained three patents and won the Second Prize of Excellent Engineering Design Award Hebei Province.

c.Urban natural gas (CBM) utilization development and planning Technology
This is a systematic planning technology which integrates vaious energy plannings such as urban administration region natural gas (coalbed methane) utilization & development planning, gas specialized planning, gas specialized planning for vehicle and vessel, etc.

Technical features and major technical performance:

1) The survey and investigation of planning is meticulous, planning is pratical and perspective based on sufficient information.

2) Thorough analysis on CBM block development and CBM utilization, reasonable planning for CBM and NG resources. Meet customers’ needs

3) Meet the needs for peak shaving and emergency gas storage.

4) Layout planning of filling station for vehicle and vessel based on the actual conditions of vehicles, road transport, inland water transport, passenger traffic and logistics center within the planning area.

The natural gas (CMB) development plannings for Changzhi City and Lvliang Cit performed by our planning and design team with this technology have won the First Prize of Excellent Engineering Consultation Achievement Award of Hebei Province.

d.Gas distribution pipeline design
This technology includes gas pipeline route selection, design for the gas pipeline and gas distribution station, which is able to perform the gas pipeline design with large pipe diameter, high pressure and complex terrain.

Technical features and major technical performance:

1) High pressure, the maximum pressure up to 10.0MPa.

2) Large pipe diameter, the maximum diameter up to D1216.

3) Being able to perform pipeline design for complex terrain and involved in subsea gas pipeline design.


The design for several long distance gas pipelines such as Dingfeng Pipeline, Baoba Pipeline and Anzhu Pipeline and so on have been completed. At present, the design for both onshore and offshore gas distribution pipeline for Zhoushan LNG receiving terminal is in progress.

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