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Xinzhi Supercritical Water Treatment (Slurry, hazardous waste) Project

City slurry treatment capacity: 240 t/d 

The project is located in Langfang City, Hebei Province. It is the first industrial demonstration facility in Chinawhich was put into operation in March, 2016. Xindi provided consultation, process package design and EPC of the project.

The project applied supercritical technology for the slurry treatment with conversion ratio of organic matter higher than 99% and capacity reduction rate higher than 90%, which fundamentally solves environment pollution and land occupation problems caused by. Xindi’s supercritical water treatment technology is not only applicable to civil sludge, but may also treat industrial slurry like dyeing sludge and refinery plant slurry, as well as organic slurry in the riverway in a harmless way.

Langfang 204 ton supercritical water treatment project

Skid-mounted hazardous waste treatment facility: 36 ton/day

The project is based on the success of the industrialized pilot project. It optimizes the technologies and equipment and improves the system assembly in accordance with the characteristics of industrial hazardous waste in China. It realizes system integration with the concept of skid-mounting. 

Water treatment system for Xinneng Energy 200,000 ton coal to stabilized light dydrocarbon project 

Water Purification Station: 1400m3/h。

Sewage station: 400m3/h

Recycle Water Station: 700m3/h

Strong Brine Treatment Station: 400m3/h

Water Demineralization Station: 1000m3/h

Located at Dalad Banner, Inner Mongolia, the water treatment system consists of water purification station, recycle water station, strong brine treatment station, sewage treatment station and water demineralization station and it has realized “zero” emission. 

Xindi adopts EPC integrated mode, professional design of technology, pipelines, equipment, automatic control and fire control, which provides high efficiency, cleaning conversion and innovative support.

Xinzhi Supercritical Water Treatment (Slurry, hazardous waste) Project

Xinzhi Supercritical Water Treatment (Slurry, hazardous waste) Project

Xinzhi Supercritical Water Treatment (Slurry, hazardous waste) Project

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