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Project Name  Capacity
CNPC Hebei Huaqi Bazhou Kangxianzhuang LNG Project 100×104Nm3/d
Beihai ENN Weizhou Island LNG Project 25×104Nm3/d
Shanxi Qinshui ENN Coal Bed Methane Liquefaction Project (Phase II)  30×104Nm3/d
Shanxi Gas Linxian CBM Liquefaction Project 120×104Nm3/d
Xingan Meng Huayuan Energy Utilization LNG Liquefaction Plant Feasibility Study Report   60×104Nm3/d
Ningxia Demeisi LNG Liquefaction Plant Feasibility Study Report  150×104Nm3/d
Xingsha Storage & Distribution General Contracting Project for Hunan ENN Changsha Natural Gas Utilization Engineering   20×104Nm3/d
Shanxi Yangcheng Shuntianda CBM Liquefaction Plant    30×104Nm3/d
Huabei Oilfield Renqiu LNG Project   10×104Nm3/d
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